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Progress…Kind Of

A quick renovation update as we are drowning in guests and repairs. If you have ever undertaken a major renovation project, you know there are stages to the process.  There’s excitement at first, as you make plans and blithely set budgets that you will never follow. Then there is the exhilaration of taking a sledge hammer to whatever horrible feature you have been dying to

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Tub Envy

Alright, we are taking a little time out from our overhaul in the Chestnut Suite to show you our clawfoot tub restoration process.

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And So It Begins Again…

We’ve got three rooms open, but there is actually a fourth room in waiting as part of the walkout basement renovation. Once upon a time, many years ago (okay, more like two and a half years ago, it just feels like a lifetime), overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that needed to be fixed and updated, we decided to focus on getting the three rooms inside the Inn

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Chef Victor Johnston, Owner of Red Leaf River Inn in Waynesville North Carolina

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