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Rhododendron House Living Room

The Rhododendron House Renovation

What do you do when you want the service of a bed and breakfast and the seclusion of a private cottage in the woods? We set out to provide the answer to that question as we started out (hopefully) final major renovation project this spring.

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Progress…Kind Of

A quick renovation update as we are drowning in guests and repairs. If you have ever undertaken a major renovation project, you know there are stages to the process.  There’s excitement at first, as you make plans and blithely set budgets that you will never follow. Then there is the exhilaration of taking a sledge hammer to whatever horrible feature you have been dying to

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Tub Envy

Alright, we are taking a little time out from our overhaul in the Chestnut Suite to show you our clawfoot tub restoration process.

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And So It Begins Again…

We’ve got three rooms open, but there is actually a fourth room in waiting as part of the walkout basement renovation. Once upon a time, many years ago (okay, more like two and a half years ago, it just feels like a lifetime), overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that needed to be fixed and updated, we decided to focus on getting the three rooms inside the Inn

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Window Art

One of the hardest things about renovating an old house is deciding what needs to be replaced with new and what can and should be salvaged instead. New is always easy but sometimes restoration can be worth the extra time and money. At the beginning of the year, we replaced thirty five windows in the Inn, that’s nearly every single window except for the large

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Knock, Knock

It all started with a door.  Somehow, in the course of renovations, we ended up with an extra door.  I can’t remember where it came from now, but there it was – a lonely door just crying for someone to upcycle it into something new.  It was a rather plain door and lacking its own doorway.  Thank goodness for pinterest because apparently a door is

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Chef Victor Johnston, Owner of Red Leaf River Inn in Waynesville North Carolina

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