And So It Begins Again…

And So It Begins Again…

We’ve got three rooms open, but there is actually a fourth room in waiting as part of the walkout basement renovation. Once upon a time, many years ago (okay, more like two and a half years ago, it just feels like a lifetime), overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that needed to be fixed and updated, we decided to focus on getting the three rooms inside the Inn ready for business. They were the easiest and we knew that the walkout basement renovation was going to require a lot of work.  

Now, just a few months into our opening, we have been so blessed with so many wonderful customers that we often find ourselves uttering those words to potential guests that make us simultaneously overjoyed and so sad – “I’m sorry, we’re booked.”

So, we turned our attention back to the suite downstairs.  We think that it was likely rented as two separate rooms before – there are two decent sized rooms and two small bathrooms, but the bathrooms are located in a common hall between the two bedrooms making for a less than ideal layout.

The first room is low ceilinged and somewhat dark owing to the fact that it has one small window facing the stone stairway.  Fine for sleeping, but no great views and not a terrible lot of space.  The second room is a little bigger, but was constantly damp – where was the water coming from?  The bathrooms were fairly small and needed the same updating that the others had.

One of the bathrooms – see that black spot? There’s nothing there. Just a dark abyss to stare into as you use the toilet.
Bedroom one – one teeny tiny window and a really low ceiling make the space positively claustraphobic.
Bedroom number two – it’s got more light, multi colored cheap paneling, and a concerning amount of moisture.

We had decided almost immediately to rent the rooms together, using the smaller, darker room as the bedroom, and the larger room as a sitting area.  The suite would be able to sleep up to four guests.  Our original idea had been to update one of the bathrooms the same way we had done the ones upstairs, and then close off the other, with the thought that one day, when we had the time and money, we could convert the two bathrooms into one bigger bathroom.  In the meantime, we could use some paint and new to fixture to, uh, wait, what’s going on down there?


Yup, we have neither the time nor the money but the Handy Innkeeper decided to take a sledgehammer to the solid cement showers. Well, once we’ve started, we have to keep going. On the plus (?) side, we found the leaky pipe. Sorry, did I say *the* leaky pipe? I meant *all* the leaky pipes. As in, every since pipe is leaking one way or the other. The good news is, the foundation is still waterproof. The bad news means re-piping the entire room.

So what’s next?  Well, honestly we have only the vaguest idea what will happen with our walkout basement renovation.  We do know that this will be involved, though:


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