A Red Roof for the Red Leaf


A Red Roof for the Red Leaf


The Handy Innkeeper has been hard at work showing off his handyman skills.  He spent last weekend replacing the old roof with a brand new red Ondura roof on the inn with the help of a local roofer.  The roof was a big priority given its age and condition and we were glad to find a durable and affordable option that we could install right over the existing roof.

With a shiny new roof, we just had to do something about the aged exterior paint and trim. We decided to leave behind the old green and white color scheme for a more modern red and grey.  There were a couple of spots – most notably in the back of the house where part of the gutter had fallen – where the siding had been water damaged. So, we’ve got some repairs to make to the siding and then a new coat of paint will finish off the exterior of the house.

Painting Progress

Progess on painting went a bit slow, mainly because of the prevalence of summer thunderstorms, but we are a little over half way done painting the inn.  The other problem we have been facing is the three story height of the house on the backside facing the pond. None of our ladders are quite high enough resulting in some somewhat ingenious but also probably not very smart usage of rope.


Our Facebook fans helped us choose our base color and so far we are loving it.  The medium grey looks elegant with the dark grey trim and red roof and we are loving being able to change out the old white and green color scheme.


Even the littlest ones are not exempt from helping out when a project this big is underway!  We gave the little innkeepers some of the old shutters to paint so they could have fun, too!


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