Ceilings and Flooring and Lighting, Oh My!


Ceilings and Flooring and Lighting, Oh My!

All right, y’all – its time for some indoor renovation! The main room as purchased. Can you find the fireplace?

Although we originally fell in love with the falling autumn leaves and the gentle rushing sound of the streams, the Inn itself holds its own beauty.  Built into the side of a ridge, the Inn perches high on a hill and overlooks the lower lawn and pond.  Ascending the front stone stairway brings you into the main room of the Inn, over 900 square feet of open space, huge picture windows, and gorgeous chestnut paneled walls.  

In spite of the many windows, the room originally was very dark, due in large part to a low ceiling and inadequate lighting. So what’s a girl to do when she falls in love with a property and goes into complete denial about any potential issues with the building?  If you don’t know that answer, you haven’t been following along.  

We resolved to fix it, of course, by replacing the dented cork floor, the off white acoustic tile ceiling, and the skimpy track lighting.  No problem, right?  I mean, the walls were very nice and that counts for something, doesn’t it?  Right?  No?

New recessed lighting and about a thousand (or 350) painted tiles ready to be installed.

Anyway, correcting the lighting issue was the first step, and we ripped out sections of the ceiling to allow recessed lighting to be put in.  Then 350 tiles were painted a cream color.  We used the same styrafoam tiles used in the Cherry Blossom renovation and once we started mounting the tiles, the job went quickly, taking two of us just a couple of hours.

Tiles installed along with some of the three cases of Loctite used to glue them up.

After months of debating flooring types and bringing home dozens of samples of tile and laminate, we decided on a light colored wood laminate. We had a local handyman in to lay the laminate flooring down (shockingly, this is the only floor in the Inn that is actually level), and the whole room was transformed, from dim and dated to fresh and bright.  Now all we need is some furniture…


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