Welcome Inn


Welcome Inn

This month we continue our DIY renovation story with our entry way. After having been abandoned for several years, the Inn did not present the friendliest of welcomes.  Though the front stone stairway was impressive as ever (if a little chipped), the peeling porch ceiling paint, overgrown ivy, and vinyl tile floor contrived to take away from the grandeur of the house. (Have I mentioned how pretty the fall leaves were?)

We pulled the ivy down first thing and scraped and painted the porch ceiling and trim shortly after at the same time as the rest of the house.  Then, distracted by other issues, we left the entryway alone for a long time.

Eventually, around the time we put the laminate down in the main room, we picked up our entryway project again.  The dark vinyl tiles were replaced by white marble and a mirror and hall table were custom made for the space.  The hall table was topped by broken marble pieces and painted to match the mirror.  Last, we turned out attention to the door.  We liked the large amount of glass, but it was a very plain door for such a wonderful entrance.

At first we looked at purchasing a new one, but, of course the doorway was an inch smaller than a standard door, which meant we would have to order a custom door.  So, instead we went full DIY renovation by updating the existing door with paint (red, what else?) and a few strips of trim for embellishment.

Ivy pulled, exterior painted, door fancied up
Color washing the handmade drawers with dark brown over cream
Painted lines where the new wood trim will go
Newly fancied door, marble floor, and custom made console table and mirror

We hope is says “Welcome Inn,” when you stop by for a visit!

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Chef Victor Johnston, Owner of Red Leaf River Inn in Waynesville North Carolina

Thanks for visiting! I’d love to host you during your stay in North Carolina!

– Victor

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