The Dogwood Room


The Dogwood Room

The second of the two rooms on the top floor of the Inn, the Dogwood room is a spacious bedroom with a private balcony. At first glance, it was another room that needed little work.  The walls and ceilings were the same warm wood paneling as the Poplar room, though the floor had been replaced at some point with cork.  Unlike the cork floor downstairs, the floor in the Dogwood room seemed mostly in good condition with a few scrapes here and there.  Something that could be replaced but didn’t necessarily need to be replaced at that point.   And really, who was looking at the floor when there was that giant window facing out over the pond and all points west?

Even the bathroom, which completed the trifecta of trendy 70’s tile with the floor to ceiling salmon pink tile, had a somewhat more recently done floor with actual stone tile instead of vinyl and a pedestal sink that was new enough to not have yellowed yet.

The original salmon pink bathroom – is this what they call retro?
Hand-painted cherry-er dogwood blossoms
dogwoodrenoarmoire 1
Working on the armoire

So, we focused on other, more pressing issues and left the Dogwood room alone for most of the first year.  When we finally started to look at it more closely, we realized the cork floor had gotten worse, with tiles starting to peel up.  Resigned to replacing the floor, we pulled the tiles up, quickly realizing there was original hardwood underneath.  A little hard work, we thought, and we could restore it like we did in the Cherry Blossom room.

Sadly, while the carpet in the Cherry Blossom room had been installed with about 7,342 staples and nails, the cork floor in the Dogwood room had been installed with a near continuous coat of some sort of black adhesive.  Even more daunting was the approximately 2 foot by 2 foot section of the floor that had been replaced with plywood, presumably in connection with the plumbing issues that had left holes in the ceiling of the Cherry Blossom room, which is directly below the Dogwood.

So, we gave up on the hardwood and decided on installing laminate instead.  Of course (of course!) there was a decided slant to the floor, so laminate installation was proceeded with an obscene amount of floor leveler and a whole lot of frustration.  Once leveled, the laminate was installed fairly quickly and furnishing could begin.  Another handbuilt headboard was put in along with a custom set of chairs for the corner.  The entryway got a custom armoire (there is a closet but it is a huge walk in closet with an extremely low doorway, and an armoire just seemed safer) and an entry bench (just for fun).

In the bathroom, we covered the pink tile with the same faux stone paint as the other bathrooms, and removed the tub door before painting that with white epoxy.  That project required two epoxy kits and about eight hours painting while high.  A fresh coat of paint on the built in shelves and a new mirror, and the bathroom was ready to go.

I realized while putting this together that I have very few “in progress” shots, probably because the work was done sporadically over a period of about nine months.  Plus refinishing hardwood is exciting, pouring bag after bag of floor leveling, slightly less so.  At any rate, here are the “after” shots.  Enjoy, and welcome to the Dogwood Room, a spacious bedroom with private balcony and full sized bath.

Cozy seating area for two
Refinished bathroom – all pink banished!
A cedar lined chest sits at the foot of the bed
Looking toward the balcony
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