How to Build a Bench


How to Build a Bench

This is the story of how a little paint became a DIY deck build:

Down by the pond lived a shed housing a large mystery engine and all its accompanying wires and pipes. The shed was a bit falling down with the doors coming off the hinges and a few shingles missing.  We weren’t exactly sure what its function had been – one person told us it was a turbine engine to produce electricity.  We eventually decided it had probably been tied into the sprinkler system for the yard. Whatever it had done in the past, it did nothing now but provide a home for an astonishing variety of spiders.


The Handy Innkeeper had already done a fabulous job replacing the rickety bridge next to the mystery shed, so we couldn’t just let the shed drag down the neighborhood. We had originally planned to put new doors on it and paint it and just leave well enough alone, which has worked out *so* well for us in the past.  Next thing I know, this happens:


The shed was torn down and most of the pipes cut away.  The main pipe and the engine itself were both too entrenched and heavy to take out, which left us with a cement slab and an engine.  A suggestion was made that we could put a bench there and maybe built some sort of table over the  engine.  And then this happened:

And there’s the DIY deck build part of this story. I guess technically it *is* a bench and table. Plus two chairs and a new 8×8 deck. You say potato, I say twelve course Thanksgiving dinner.

Come on down and sit a while!


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